Monday, May 27, 2019

Punters Weekly Musings 27-5-19 onwards

Resuming my blog after a vacation …Let me get to the point .. Elections done – a Stable Government in place and  Incremental clarity on the way going forward bodes well for the markets . My personal view is that now the mid – small and the microcap space should light up now albeit selectively and on a case to case basis. 

I am NOT a analyst so I only share my investments and trades and hence it would be prudent on your part – the reader- to assume that I have a position / holding in the stocks that I mention.

Carpe Diem !! All the best for your investments and Trading !!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Punters weekly musings

Friends ,

Tempus Fugit (Time Flies),another week gone by – a truncated week though – and as we go into the new week I have a small long position on Bharat Financial Inclusion –again with a few days view . Hoping it does well .

Keeping score last week’s trade did an approximately 5 % upmove . Not bad for a week . Could have been better though J .  (Always aim for the stars) !.

For the weekend listening - Suggesting Fellow traders hear “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. .. apt for a trader !.

All The best with your trading and investment !! Carpe Diem .

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Punters weekly musings 14-4-2019

Its been a traders week like any other ... some good trades spotted and new bets taken .I for one found the time to read a book this week - its called How To Be Idle by Tom Hodkinson -His philosophy is that of a relaxed approach to life and to enjoy each day as it comes . This is a book worth a read .. dont let the title turn you off . This one is a gem .

On the trading side i've kept it light this week . Indraprastha Gas Ltd , is a stock i'm long with a "few days" view and a strict stop loss . Hoping it plays out well  .

The ususal caveat - Im not a analyst or advisor , and only use this blog to share my views on trading and sometimes share views on  the stocks i hold .

PS :Ive been busy researching some SME stocks and will share details when I have my study done 

Till then - Carpe Diem & All the best with all your trades and investments

Sunday, April 7, 2019

7th April 2019
 Sunil B. Chabria
Lawyer | Investor | Blogger
Tempus Fugit Ergo Carpe diem
(Time Flies therefore seize the day)

Friends ,

Welcome to where I share my views on Investing , Trading ,Law, Materialism and Random Musings. I hope to pen down a write up at least once in a fortnight if not weekly. I will share my investments as I churn them real time or EOD as I take on new investments , I don’t intend to recommend any stocks , rather just share my investing diary and what I find interesting about a stock – Similarly for fellow stock traders I do intend to start a puntersdiary telegram channel where I share my trades as I take them real time – and keep score  -  details will be updated soon here .

Similarly I will share my views/opinions on Law – and related topics –worth reflecting upon.

If you need to reach me you can drop me a mail at . if the question / request on Investing and/or Law is specific I will definitely try and respond in reasonable time .

Networking Requests I suggest you connect on Linkedin.

Best Regards ,
Sunil Chabria